The beginning of the 19th century marked the story of David Crockett better known as Davy Crockett. Hailing from the wilderness of Tennessee he went on to become the first folk heroes of America. Crockett was an outstanding hunter, writer and Congressman of the U.S. Over the years, he has been regarded as a superhero whose fanciful stories of his adventurous life have made him into a legend. Let us know more about this great man!

1. Davy Crockett was born in a state that does not exist anymore

Davy Crockett

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He was born on the 17th of August 1786 in a place which is called eastern Tennessee now. The people of that region regarded themselves as citizens of Franklin state which was a territory that had gained independence from North Carolina few years ago. However, Franklin was again reclaimed in 1789 by North Carolina when it failed to garner the required number of votes for entering the U.S. union as the 14th state. By the year 1796, Franklin became a part of Tennessee.

2. He ran away from home at the age of 13

Davy Crockett biography

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At the age of 13 Crockett’s formal education began and he was sent to a school. As stated in Davy Crockett Biography, four days after joining school he was bullied by an older boy. Owing to his rebellious nature, Crockett decided to take revenge. He beat him up severely one day and fearing to get whipped by his schoolmaster and father he ran away from home. He performed odd jobs for the next few years of his life in Maryland and Tennessee.

3. Crockett was a veteran at the War of 1812 and Creek War

Davy Crockett biography

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Crockett was 27 years old when he joined as a part of the state militia to fight against those Creek Indians that attacked American settlers in Fort Mims. Davy Crockett worked as a scout during the Creek war. He was also a sergeant serving during the Jackson War in the year 1812.

4. He made his living by hunting bears

Davy Crockett biography

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Crockett tried everything from manufacturing wooden barrels to farming and making gunpowder. However, the adventurous Davy Crockett found great professional success as a hunter. He hunted bears in the Tennessee woods and sold their meat, oil and pelts for profit. Several stories have been foretold about his bravery and his adventurous hunting game. One such story goes that he once killed a big bear by stabbing its heart using a butcher knife and that too in pitch black darkness.

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5. He almost died in a boating mishap

Davy Crockett biography

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Once during his stint as a barrel manufacturer, Crockett along with his team was transporting a shipment across the Mississippi river. It so happened that the boat in which Crockett was sailing was of poor quality and gave a hard time in steering it. There was absolutely no means to redirect the boat and it started to capsize. Crockett got trapped underneath the deck. However, his teammates were quick to respond to the accident. They all managed to pull him out through an opening. A sailing merchant saved all of them the next day.