Have you ever been fascinated by the adventurous lives of famous pirates that sailed the high seas of the Caribbean? If these people have captured your dreams for long, today is your chance to get to know some of them! While, a few of these pirates were flamboyant and courageous, there was a fraction of these who were downright evil and quite lecherous. All of these pirates lived a short life – a life of chase and run from the respective governments.

The names we are about to disclose are of such pirates that have sailed the murky and dark waves, witnessed the mayhem of several hundreds of people and political upheavals that followed. Let’s be clear about the fact that there are no actual written records to prove which one of these men and women was more evil. We have tried writing a post on these pirates from whatever little knowledge we could gather about them. Some may be legends, some even real, but will definitely fascinate our readers!

1. Cheung Po Tsai

Pirate Names

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Cheung Po Tsai is one among the most fascinating pirate names to have ever surfaced in reading materials. This is because this Chinese pirate is rumored to have hidden a vast collection of treasure in a cave. Cheung Po Tsai commanded a fleet of hundreds of ships and controlled 20,000 pirates. He looted vast amount of treasure during the rule of Qing Dynasty and created quiet a turmoil in the Guangdong Coastal belt. The treasure hidden in the cave is still to discovered.

2. William Kidd

Pirate Names

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Known as Captain Kidd by his crewmen, William Kidd will always be remembered for his sensational trial at the parliament of England and the eventual death sentence. He was a Scottish sailor and a noble citizen of New York City. The man was also one of the few who were responsible for the construction of the Trinity Church. He was initially commissioned to tackle the pirates, but eventually became one after he attacked a ship belonging to the East India Company sailing in Indian Ocean.

3. Christopher Myngs

Pirate Names

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The name of Christopher Myngs will certainly fascinate you all as he was a very successful captain to command thousands men in the Royal British Army. He sailed the waters of the Caribbean together with the Buccaneers that attacked Spanish ships in the 17th century. In his sailing journey, he marauded many rich and fertile Spanish towns, plundering and collecting their treasures. He worked for Port Royal and made a name for himself in piracy.

4. Edward Teach

Pirate Names List

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Do you want to know which of the famous pirates inspired a Hollywood film maker to create an epic movie like ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’? Well it is none other than Edward Teach, aka, Blackbeard – an infamous pirate that sailed the belts of West Indies and plundered the coastal parts of American colonies. He was a tactful tyrannical leader that was respected a lot by his crewmen. Unlike the character that’s shown in the movie, Blackbeard never hurt or killed anyone he held hostage. Known for his shrewdness, Blackbeard became one of the most notoriously known pirates of all times.

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5. Edward Lowe

Pirate Names List

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A sadist, Edward Lowe was a much hated pirate in his time. He is usually regarded as a hoodlum because he started his journey pick pocketing. He was a juvenile delinquent that indulged in petty crimes to make a living. Lowe became a pirate when he started sailing with a one mast sail boat towards Honduras. The pirate rose to infamy when he started torturing his hostages for fun and entertainment. He sailed the waters of Azores and worked in collaboration with other infamous pirates of his time. Edward Lowe was a loathed pirate as he was responsible for a lot of murders.