Considered one of the greatest painters of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso was much more than merely a painter. He was a talented sculptor, poet and a ceramicist. Apart from these mentioned areas of his expertise, Picasso also donned the role of a play writer as well as a stage designer. So much has been written about this influential artist that one would think nothing remains to be discovered. But, dear readers, you still have many facts to unearth before knowing the real Picasso! So, here we are with our very best 15 Pablo Picasso facts that will mesmerize you. Here they are:

1. Most paintings by Pablo Picasso have been sold at exorbitant prices

Pablo Picasso Paintings

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A good fraction of Pablo Picasso paintings have fetched handsome amounts of money. Picasso painted a large number of paintings and most of these were sold at exorbitant prices. The world wanted more of his fabulous and eccentric works of art and the painter didn’t mind raking in big mullah! Among some of his most pricey paintings, The Nude, Green Leaves and Bust fetched $106.5 million. Other paintings that were sold at mind boggling prices were Le Rêve, Dora Maar au Chat and Les Femmes d’Alger.

2. Picasso was born so weak that he was mistook for a stillborn baby

Pablo Picasso facts

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Its a fact that when Pablo Picasso took birth, he was born a weakling so much so that the midwife delivering him thought him to be stillborn. The whole birth process of this artist was very difficult and when he arrived, he looked so sickly that it was assumed he was not breathing. So, when infant Picasso came out of his mother’s womb, the midwife left him and instead, went to take care of his mother. However, a doctor named Don Salvador saved his life when the smoke from his cigar irritated the infant’s nose and eyes. He twitched his face and this is how the doctor came to know that Picasso was alive.

3. Picasso completed his first major painting when he was 15 years old

Pablo Picasso Artwork

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Picasso was only 15 years old when he painted his first major painting called First Communion. The scene of the painting was based on a real episode that happened when his sister was communed amidst the presence of Picasso and his parents. In the painting there is his younger sister who is seen dressed in white communion dress and is kneeling before the altar. Next to her are the portraits of her father and mother. The painting looks very real and is a masterpiece.

4. Picasso was a great sculptor as well

Pablo Picasso

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Pablo Picasso artwork like Chicago Picasso are classic masterpieces sculpted by the master painter. Picasso was not only a talented painter but a skilled and creative sculptor as well. He sculpted this sculpture in Illinois and it looks humongous. The best part about this sculpture was that Picasso never took money for making it. He sculpted it as a charity and donated it to the city. The artwork stands tall at 50 feet and looks quite fascinating.

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5. The paintings of Picasso are divided into various time periods

Pablo Picasso Paintings

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All of Picasso’s paintings represent a particular period and are divided into five time periods. The Blue Period, the Rose Period, the African Period, Analytic Cubism Period and Synthetic Period. While, in the Blue Period, his paintings reflected poverty and featured monochromatic shades of green and blue, the Rose Period symbolized a happy frame of mind. The African Influenced Period saw Picasso paint such subjects that were heavily inspired by African artifacts and traditions. Then came the turn of Cubism when Picasso drew inspiration from tribal art and started adding dimensions and weight to his paintings. His artwork dating to Synthetic Period was a mixture of all influences and utilized lots of colors and shades.