The Great Britain has a very rich and vast history. There have been a number of incidents in Britain over the years which have been marked historical in the global calendar. British history is related to the history of various other countries because of the colonial rule which was rampant during that time. The following is a list of 15 facts about the history of Great Britain which not everyone may be aware of.

1. Prime Minister William Gladstone’s secret

British History

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In the public eye Prime Minister Gladstone was one of the most respectable figures in the British history, but the reality was much different. There were rumors that W. Gladstone had improper relations with prostitutes whom he used to pick up from the road to “rehabilitate”. It is recorded in his diary that he flogged himself, for having illegitimate relations with them.

2. The Victorian Britain was destroyed by the First World War

British History

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The Great Britain played a very crucial role in the First World War. Around 1.6 million people were wounded, 9 lack soldiers were killed and the general public had to bear the brunt of this War more than most of the countries involved. Great Britain forgot about its existing enmity with the French and supported them during the War period. All the developments made in 300 years of British Empire slowly swept away during this war, which scared England forever.

3. The United Kingdom does not have a written constitution

History Of Britain

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The constitution is the law of the land and perhaps the foundation stone of any government. While most countries have a comprehensible written constitution, Britain does not have one. Not having a written constitution has lead to many controversies in British history because it becomes very difficult in deciphering laws. In England, constitutional acts are formed by tradition and parliamentary acts.

4. The Buckingham palace is not the Monarch’s home

History Of Britain

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Even though the Queen resides in the Buckingham Palace it is not the home for the Monarch of England. In fact, the official residence of the Monarch is the St. James palace which is a few meters away from the Buckingham palace. As per the history of Britain Most of the monarchs of England have resided in the St. James palace after they succeeded the throne.

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5. The queen’s guards

History Of Britain

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When one thinks of the British Monarchs, the imagery of their sentries strikes our minds. Tall sentries, wearing red coats and bearskin stand as guards of the queen and guard the Buckingham palace as well. But, not many people know that it is the job of the same sentries to fight wars. So maybe one day, the sentries may standing next to the queen, and a week later them may be leaving for war in some other part of the globe.