Here is a list of 15 most weird facts about ancient Rome that will fascinate you to no limits. Ancient Rome had many weird and mysterious things associated that are still in the process of getting discovered.

From wearing phallus charms, drinking the blood drawn from gladiators to washing clothes in urine, the Romans had many a weird fetishes. Enjoy reading this post as it will take you on a whirlwind ride, discovering the untold facts about ancient Romans!

1. Urine was Used to Wash Laundry

Ancient Rome Facts

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The first and one of the weirdest things about ancient Romans was the usage of urine for washing clothes. Can you believe it? Well, we all know how powerful Romans were, but, they were in the practice of cleaning their laundry with urine as it contained ammonia, a natural bleach.

Weird as it may sound, the ancient Romans had to pay urine tax! It was levied during the reign of Emperor Vespasian in first century A.D. Urine was regarded as an essential product. The dry cleaners collected urine from the public toilets.

2. Ancient Romans Socialized at Community Toilets

Ancient Rome Facts

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Another amusing thing in this list of unbelievable facts about ancient Rome is the culture of socializing that prevailed in ancient Rome. Yes, the venue for most socializing and gossiping was the ‘community toilet’! We are not joking. Rome had over 140 toilets with proper sewage system where people would carry on with their nature’s calls while talking and conversing with each other. Quite disgusting, but true!

The toilets had underground water system that would wash all the waste generated, and there was the facility for using hot and cold water on demand. However, this was reserved only for the affluent.

3. The Romans Invented the Shopping Mall

Ancient Rome Facts

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Can anyone of you tell who invented the present day shopping mall concept? Well, it were the ancient Romans who can be credited for introducing to the world, the concept of a modern day shopping mall. Built more than 2000 years ago, the Trajan Market was the first of a kind shopping mall and is a marvel of architecture in true sense. It held within it 150 shops and was centrally located.

4. Ancient Romans Invented Bandages for Treating Wounds

Roman Facts

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When speaking of weird facts about Ancient Rome, how can we miss mentioning that Romans were the first of mankind to use bandages to treat wounds? Well, though, we may think that the practice of using bandages is only a recent phenomenon, but, Romans pioneered in this field too, and utilized it with aplomb thousands of centuries ago!

They made bandages using a concoction of spider webs, vinegar and honey. The doctors in ancient Rome were geniuses and made use of spider webs as these contained anti-bacterial properties.

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5. The Ancient Romans Were the First to Record UFOs

Roman Facts

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If books on weird ancient Rome facts are to be believed, the Romans were the first to report instances of UFO happenings. Yes, alien sighting is not a new phenomenon. Rather it happened thousands of years ago in Rome. Two written accounts testify to the fact that Romans were great scientists too and were not new to the idea of alien life. These findings hint towards the existence of terrestrial life and also point to the fact that Romans, apart from being great warriors, were also keen discoverers.