Many of ancient Roman inventions are, to this day used rampantly throughout the globe. The Roman empire was not only a powerful one, but was one of the most prosperous civilizations to have ever flourished on this planet. The civilization was perhaps the most innovative with scientists and philosophers inventing wondrous things that brought about an evolution for mankind. Below, we are presenting the top 15 Roman inventions that are in use even today.

1. Roads and Highways

Ancient Roman Inventions

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Ancient Roman inventions like roads and highways are very much a part and parcel of modern day living. Just imagine what would happen if Romans hadn’t come up with the idea of laying navigational roads that facilitated travel ? Well, we cannot help but thank this great civilization to have invented this concept! The Romans were able to dominate a major chunk of European and Mediterranean lands mostly due to their exceptional road system that helped in effective connectivity. The roads and highways built during their reign boosted trade relations with the rest of the world and also enabled movement of soldiers for expansion of the Roman Empire to the far away lands. People traveled fast due to the straight cut design of roads.

2. Arches

Ancient Roman Inventions

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Arches can be regarded as one of the most significant Roman inventions to have revolutionized the science of architecture. An arch was popularized by Romans who included it in all the paradigms of architecture when constructing buildings and theaters. Some very important monuments to bear arches are the Colosseum, the Trajan Market and so on.

In most Roman constructions, the arch would often be the feature highlighted. There would be two pedestals, the top of which would be designed with arches. The genius engineers of the ancient Rome built arches to support bridges as well.

3. Julian Calendar

Ancient Roman Inventions

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What did the Romans do for us that reformed modern living so much simpler? Well, it is the Julian or Gregorian calendar, implemented none other than by the great Julius Caesar. The emperor can be regarded as the father of calendar reform as he relentlessly pursued to develop a scientific timeline that was not dependent on people’s superstitions. Rather it was based on numbers. The Julian calendar worked on a system of 12 months, and each month had a name like Augustus, September and Julius.

4. Sewers and Sanitation System

Ancient Roman Inventions

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Had the Romans not invented sewers and sanitation systems, we wouldn’t have known a life of respect and hygiene. The ancient Romans were the first to use the concepts of using proper toilets and underground sewage system. The engineers laid whole cities above a systematized grid of sewage lines, all interconnected with chains of toilets and public baths. Each house had a gutter that was usually covered and interconnected with the rest. Hence, the Romans can be credited with inventing the modern age sanitation system.

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5. Concrete

What Did The Romans Do For Us

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The invention of concrete can be termed as one of the greatest ancient Roman inventions to have metamorphosed modern day living. Without concrete, we cannot think of building anything. Our existence till today has depended on using concrete to construct buildings, dams, bridges, forts and other constructions. The mighty Romans not only invented concrete, but also constructed many a hundred monuments and buildings that remain erect till today. Can you all guess why? Its because of the presence of a particular chemical known as tuff that all their buildings and have survived even to this day.