Today its 15 interesting Anne Frank facts that we are rounding up for our dear readers that have always wanted to know about this young girl whose life got snatched at a very early age during the Holocaust. Anne Frank is one of the most widely researched personalities all over the world and she still lives in our hearts because of her diary that has become one of the most read books in our modern times.

Anne Frank was captured by the Nazis along with her family in 1944, and a year later, died of starvation and typhus. The Frank family perished except for Anne’s father Otto Frank who, after the death of his daughters and wife, got Anne’s diary published in 1947. The story of Anne Frank has been read and has created massive stirs and protests since the day the world found out about the atrocities committed by Hitler in the concentration camps. In his race to establish Aryan supremacy, he committed mass murders of 6 million Jews who lost their lives tragically in this holocaust.

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1. The birth of Anne Frank and their relocation to Netherlands

Anne Frank Facts

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Anne Frank was born as Annelies Marie Frank in the German city Frankfurt to Jewish parents Edith and Otto Frank. The date of her birth is 12th June 1929. The family relocated to Netherlands and lived in Amsterdam all through the 1930’s because of the increasing domination of the Nazis in Germany. Anne was merely four and a half years of age when her family moved to Amsterdam. However, her family was denied citizenship in Netherlands as they were German. This resulted in them being branded as stateless.

2. The entire Frank family hid in a secret apartment often called ‘The Secret Annex’

Anne Frank Facts

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Otto Frank’s company building became the Frank family’s hideout during the Nazi take over of Netherlands. This secret hiding place came to be known as the Secret Annex, a place which offered a safe haven to the Franks and a few others. It happened one day on 5th of July 1942 that on receiving summons for reporting to a work camp of the Nazis, the Franks immediately left their house and went to hide in a secret space that was situated behind Otto Frank’s company building. Others to join them were Fritz Pfeffer and the family of Herman Van Pels.

This place became the hideout for all these people for two years before they were captured by the Gestapo. Otto Frank’s employees Miep Gies, Kleiman, Kugler and Jan continued to serve him and the others by bringing food and other things. These people went on to give information of the world outside to the Franks while they hid in the Secret Annex.

3. The famous diary that Anne Frank wrote was in fact an autograph book

Anne Frank Diary

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Here is one interesting fact about Anne Frank Diary – it wasn’t a diary but was an autograph book that the young Anne got as a present on her 13th birthday from Otto Frank. Anne was a budding writer and thought about using the red checkered diary to jot down her thoughts and opinions about life and other things. She made the diary her journal and this became a source of supplying us with the details of this young girl who could have become a Pulitzer prize winner had she lived today!

4. The Frank family along with Fritz Pfeffer were betrayed by an unknown person

 Anne Frank Facts

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The internet is filled with loads of Anne Frank Facts. One such fact offers details as to how the Frank Family was betrayed by a person whose identity is undisclosed till this day. Yes, Anne’s family and Fritz Pfeffer were betrayed by an unknown person and this led to their arrest and capture by the Nazis.

It was on the dreadful day of 4th August when an anonymous person informed the Gestapo about the family’s hideout. This person surely must have been a Nazi supporter. The year was 1944, a year before the death of Anne Frank. On getting the information, the Secret Annex was raided by a German secret police officer who stormed inside the hideout along with four Dutch Nazi personnel and captured everyone. Once captured, the families were sent to a concentration camp called Camp Westerbork, located in the northeastern portion of Netherlands. From there, they were transported to the infamous Auschwitz Camp.

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5. Anne Frank was a very talented budding writer

 Anne Frank Facts

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Anne Frank Diary is one of the most read and studied books of modern times. The red checkered diary was not a diary at all, rather an autograph book that was used as a journal by Anne who wrote down quotes, opinion and her deep thoughts related to life. The dairy, when read, offers readers a deep insight into the world of a little girl who was on the brink of becoming a writer, but couldn’t be as her life was snatched away in the Holocaust.

In her diary, Anne Frank detailed not just day to day events, but also fictional stories. She had also started writing a novel that detailed the events of her stay at the Secret Annex. She mentioned in her journal various likes and her wish to become a movie star. Her father Otto Frank was surprised to learn about his daughter’s deepest desires and thoughts when he read her book after her death.