Babylonian Law Code

Code of Hammurabi Considered a Legal Innovation : 13 Facts of Babylonian Law Code

The Code of Hammurabi was compiled by King Hammurabi of ancient Babylon in 18th century B.C. It consisted of 282 set of laws governing every sphere of life and society in ancient Mesopotamia. These...
Babylonian Language

21 Babylonian Civilization Facts You Should Know

One of the most powerful and important cities of ancient Mesopotamia was Babylon, the city that was nestled in-between the two river systems of Tigris and Euphrates. The ancient civilization of Babylon is regarded...
Mesopotamia Inventions,

15 Mesopotamia Achievements and Inventions : What Did The Mesopotamians Invent

The name Mesopotamia, aka 'The land between the rivers' rings the name of several great leaders like Hammurabi, Ur-Nammu and Sargon of Akkad in our minds. These great personalities with their remarkable leadership paved...
Mesopotamian Gods

Mesopotamian Religious Beliefs : 15 Gods and Goddesses Worshiped in Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamians like the Akkadians, Sumerians, Assyrians and Babylonians believed in worshiping various gods and goddesses. Before Syriac Christianity took over Mesopotamia, these people had unique sets of Mesopotamian religious beliefs that included worship...