Facts about Boston Tea Party

15 Facts about Boston Tea Party

The history and facts about the Boston Tea Party are far more complicated than what's popularly known all over the world. Most Americans say that the Boston Tea Party was the first unofficial declaration...
Facts about Nobel Prize

17 Unknown Facts about Nobel Prize

The facts about Nobel Prize are both interesting and intriguing. Instituted at the behest of Swedish chemist, engineer, and industrialist Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize is a set of annual global awards given in...
Pandemics in History

15 Most Disastrous Pandemics That Changed History

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Ancient Mayans were Farmers

21 Mayan Civilization Facts You Wish You Knew Before

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Indus Valley Seals

15 Unknown Facts About Indus Valley Civilization

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Top 13 Persian Inventions That Will Surprise You

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Magna Carta History

13 Magna Carta Facts You Might Not Know

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29 Surprising Facts About History Of Valentines Day

Do you know that Valentines Day - the day when people celebrate love, started not with cute cuddly teddies, fragrant red roses and chocolates, but, with blood and lots of gore? Yes dear readers...the...