Female Killers

21 Most Dangerous Women Criminals The World Has Noticed Till Date

From being murderers, kidnappers, robbers, to drug gang queens, women have tried it all, and don't be surprised to find some of the world's deadliest beings to be women criminals. Unlike the notion that...
Forgotten Kingdoms

11 Forgotten Kingdoms That Are Vanished From History

Our history is so rich, so diverse, and so interesting! What makes it riveting is the existence of numerous well known dynasties and kingdoms ever to have dominated lands and territories. But, all said...
History Of Zombies

Shocking And Forgotten History Of Zombies From Ancient Times

Zombies are the latest rage in Hollywood, and are everywhere...literally! From appearing in horror flicks on mainstream cinema, to featuring in television series, books and magazines; these reanimated or ghoulish beings seem to never...
What did the Vikings do

Explore 33 Surprising Facts about Viking Age

Where did the Vikings come from? This one question haunts each one of us that has had an interest in Norse culture and has grown up with many a riveting stories about their gods...
List Of Norse Gods

15 Interesting Facts About Norse Mythology

Norse mythology is rich, its vast, its intriguing and can take a considerable amount of time to study and understand it thoroughly. If you are a comics fan and are a die hard fanatic...
nuclear explosions

13 Biggest Nuclear Explosions in History

There's something undeniably fascinating about watching things blow up. The monstrosity of an explosion satisfies our fetish for watching a destructive event. We watch rigged explosions happening in films, on TV, and even in...
Equal Rights For Women

15 Fascinating Facts About The History Of The Feminist Movement

It won't be wrong to say, that even till this day women are treated as second-class citizens in most parts of the world. However, the situation was much worse; women were not allowed to...
early civilization

13 Oldest and Ancient Civilizations of the World

The present is built on the past, and we, the people of the 21st century, owe much of our existence to the ancient civilizations that dotted the globe centuries ago. As interesting it is...
homosexuality in ancient Egypt

13 Famous Gay Couples in Ancient History

While lesbian and gay couples have legal and social sanction in today's emancipated societies, the situation was not the same even a century ago. Homosexuality in ancient times was largely forbidden and scorned. Several...
archaeological discoveries

15 Greatest Historical and Archaeological Discoveries of All Times

Archaeology, to many, may not seem to be the best of all professions in the world. But it does have its moments. Many archaeological discoveries were made accidentally and their importance was not understood...