Biggest Tsunamis In The World

13 Biggest Tsunamis In The World That Were Most Horrifying

The fury of Tsunamis has been known to the world since time immemorial. The world has experienced some extremely devastating Tsunamis which led to a large number of casualties and death. Tsunamis are generated...
Japan Culture

15 Interesting Facts About Japan You Don’t Know

The land of the rising sun, Japan is a beautiful country which has a rich history. The country has grown and developed over the years. However, even to this day, there is something about...
Dating Tips for Men

15 Dating Tips from History That Could Enhance Your Love Life

It's often hard to find that special someone in life. You search for the perfect person but luck doesn't always dawn upon you. Don't let the frustration hit. History is there to help. Here...
Mass Hysteria Examples

Top 15 Cases of Mass Hysteria Throughout History

The world has been well aware of mass delirium. Over the years, people from all over the globe have witnessed the manifestation of a particular kind which was exhibited by a large number of...
Battle of Thermopylae

13 Things You Should Know about the Battle of Thermopylae

Battle of Thermopylae was the last stand of the Spartans in the Second Persian Invasion of Greece. It lasted for three days in 480BC. The Spartans joined 1,100 Greek warriors to defend the state....
Sex Toys History

The History of Sex Toys : 13 Most Insane Sex Toys

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history of the swastika

History of the Swastika : Why Hitler Stole It

It was the symbol adopted by ruthless German führer Adolf Hitler, one of the most-hated men who ever walked the earth. It's a symbol that represents slaughter of millions of people in perhaps the...
Ice Age era

13 Amazing Ice Age Facts

Ice Ages have always been a mystery to scientists. It's a period of near-freezing global temperatures that often last millions of years. There were at least five major Ice Ages with approximately 12 periods...