There are mysteries that haunt us no doubt, but the Catholic mysteries that we are about to unveil today will really raise goose bumps on your body!! The Catholic Church is a sacred entity and is a place where people come to absolve themselves of their sins and comfort their souls. But, it is also a sanctuary that’s shrouded in many mysteries that yet remain to be solved. A lie as it may seem to many of us that regard the church as the highest entity, the fact is that there have been umpteen number of gory incidents that have taken place right next to the sacred alters and the Cross. From ghastly murders, kidnappings to unholy sightings, churches have witnessed all. So, to further spook all of you, here we bring you our top collection of Church mysteries that still remain unexplained.

1. The stonemason’s ghost of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

Church Mysteries

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Hauntings have never ceased happening in churches, but the one we are writing here will make you sweat! Yes, it’s about a stonemason’s ghost that haunts the famous church named St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Cheyenne. A historical landmark of Wyoming, the church was built in 1868 and is inhabited by a ghost. As per the legend that surrounds it, the church had hired two Swedish stonemasons for building a new tower. But, the tower till 1927, remained unbuilt as the masons hired disappeared without a trace, never to be found again. Before 1927, steps were taken to finish the work but because of ghostly sightings of an unknown entity, the tower could never be completed. However, things slowly started to unfold when Reverend Eugene Todd was ordered to visit a dying old man in Denver who wanted to confess before him. In his confession, the patient revealed that he was one of the stonemasons that had been hired and had disappeared from the church that day. He also confessed that the other stonemason had taken an accidental fall and died that day, and his body was buried inside a wall section that was still undefined. The dying old man revealed that fearing what others will do to him, he did the ghastly act. Soon, steps were taken to take out the body but till date it hasn’t been recovered. The ghost continues to haunt the church.

2. The mysterious suicide of ‘Wm L. Toomey’ at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Church Mysteries

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Catholic mysteries like the suicide of one Wm L. Toomey still haunts the Sacred Heart Church and is still unexplained. It was on Dec 4, 1982 that a stranger in his 40’s made an appearance inside the Sacred Heart Church in Idaho but soon dropped dead on the floor, waiting for his turn at confessing. What had happened, do you know? Well, it was discovered that the man had swallowed a capsule of cyanide and had $1900 with him. A note was found too that stated that the money was to be used for burying him and was signed Wm L. Toomey – not the man’s name but of the company that produced garbs for priests. Detectives were called and it was revealed that this person Toomey might have been involved in the gruesome murders of another priest that was murdered in the same manner. However, his involvement has not been proved till date, though he served 20 years in prison and died mysteriously in the church.

3. The murder of a former beauty queen Irene Garza

Church Mysteries

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The ghastly and mysterious murder of a 25 year old former beauty queen Irene Garza in McAllen, Texas shocked the nation as the prime accused in this case was none other than a priest of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church to which she went for confession. The year was 1960 when people came to know that Garza, a school teacher by profession, was found raped and murdered in a canal just five days after her visit to the church. While investigating, the police found a slide viewer and a chord that belonged to Father John Feit who had received the woman’s confession before her gory end. It was also revealed that the priest had been charged with the rape of another young woman inside the church a month before this incident and had pleaded no contest. Despite the many shocking evidences against him, the priest was not sent to prison and was simply transferred to a monastery located in Missouri. The case was never solved. He is now 80 plus and still maintains his innocence.

4. St. Paul’s Chapel is haunted by an actor’s ghost

Catholic Mysteries

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Catholic mysteries are riveting and get all the more intriguing when you know you cannot find absolute answers regarding their occurrence, but still want to go on and on trying to find a logical reasoning. Here is one such interesting mystery that’s associated with a church located in Manhattan in New York – St. Paul’s Chapel. One has never been able to justify the ghostly appearance that takes place here quite frequently. An actor called George Frederick Cooke is seen wandering the grounds of the church cemetery to find his head! This man donated his head for scientific purposes and in return got medical bills cleared. The Cooke fella surely loves to come out of his grave and look for his missing head every now and then!!

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5. The miraculous survival of the West End Baptist Church Choir

 Church Mysteries

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This incident could be termed miraculous and outright an act of divine intervention as 15 members of the West End Baptist Church choir, instead of getting killed in an explosion were saved and how! So let’s begin the story now…. On a fateful night on March 1st, 1950, there was an explosion which led the whole church to get destroyed, and had it not been for the hand of god, all the 15 people of the choir would have expired in that explosion. The explosion occurred due to leakage of gas which is quite a normal occurring in the human world, but the events that saved the precious lives that day are nothing short of miraculous. At 7.20 PM, there was scheduled a church choir meeting and all the members had to be there. But, as luck would have it, all the singers, the director, the pianist, the pastor and his wife, other choir members all arrived pretty late at the church only to thank God later. Certain very mundane things got these very punctual people delayed for the practice and mind you…all these episodes are really very interesting…some fell asleep…some spilled something on their dress…someone’s car wouldn’t start…someone got neck deep in finishing her homework…phew…surely an act of divinity!