It’s often hard to find that special someone in life. You search for the perfect person but luck doesn’t always dawn upon you. Don’t let the frustration hit. History is there to help. Here are some dating tips from the past that will help you trigger your love life in the right direction.

1. Fans for casual flirting

Dating Tips

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Fans became a major fashion accessory in 18th century Europe. But they have been around for hundreds of years. Women soon realized that the humble fan can be used for more than just an appearance. They started using it as a discreet “sign language” for flirting with male admirers. Carrying an open fan in the left hand, for instance, shows a desire to strike a conversation. Hiding eyes behind an open fan means “I love you”.

2. Finding partners in a marriage market

Dating Tips for Women

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Greek historian Herodotus wrote of an ancient Babylonian custom where every person found a match, including the ugliest man and the poorest woman. They all visited a marriage market where men could bid for a wife. The most beautiful women were bid first. They were typically married off to the richest men against a fee. For the ugliest looking women, bidders were paid from the money collected from the wealthy, as dowry.

3. Sharing a secret language

Dating Tips

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Privacy is important to new lovers. It was harder in the earlier days for lovers to evade the prying eyes of parents. Using a secret language to whisper sweet nothings to a lover was a common method adopted by many. It’s said that inventor Thomas Alva Edison used the Morse code to communicate with his wife Mina Miller during their courtship days. Miller learnt the code from Edison and the scientist even proposed to her in Morse.

4. No drinking before in-laws

Dating Tips

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Drinking in front of in-laws was a strict no-no back in ancient times and one of the most important dating tips for men that holds good even today. In 6th century BC, Sicyon tyrant Cleisthenes wanted to marry off his daughter Agariste. He organized a competition. Hippocleides of Attica emerged as the worthiest suitor. But he went on a binge drinking spree and embarrassed the guests. An outraged Cleisthenes threw out Hippocleides and married off Agariste to Megacles.

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5. Being pragmatic

Dating Tips for Men

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You don’t always have to gift valuables to your love to impress him/her. In ancient Egypt, when a woman moved her things from parents home to a man’s house, it meant they were married. Egyptians had no fascination for complicated ceremonies and rituals. A prenuptial agreement was inked between the girl’s father and the husband to fix who will get what in case of a breakup. Couples were expected to stay together for life. In case of a divorce, children went to the mother.