Eva Braun was not just another pretty face who latched herself to the infamous Adolf Hitler. Though she was a little naïve when she first got involved with him, but later she ensured to make a strong footing in Hitler’s life and circle. Historians consider her to be a great disappointment as she had no role to play in Hitler’s political life, but her story is pretty fascinating regardless of her impact on her man’s ambitions. Here are 13 Eva Braun facts you did not know about.

1. Eva went to a convent school

Eva Braun

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She was born in the year 1912, in Munich. Eva was described as “boy-crazy” in her teens and most of her interest lay in clothes, fashion and as aforementioned, boys. Her parents were a little cautious because of her unusual interest in the opposite sex and got her admitted to a convent school. Eva was not particularly bright in studies and found herself to be a misfit in a convent school.

2. She took up the job of a photographer

Eva Braun

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While Eva’s parents were constantly trying to keep her away from men, she one day decided she had enough and planned on becoming financially independent so that she did not have to obey her parents and thus applied for many jobs. She got a job in a photography studio, and this job changed her life!

3. When she first started flirting with Hitler, she had no idea who he was

Eva Braun Facts

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Eva was all of 17 when she met Hitler who was 23 years her senior! And sparks were flying instantly. In a letter to her sister, she described him as Mr. Wolf (named him differently). Eva joined the photography studio, which was owned by Hitler’s personal photographer Heinrich Hoffman and therefore she met Hitler from time to time but did not know who he was. Later on, when Hitler’s real identity was revealed to her, she still did not know about him, because apparently she did not follow politics!

4. Eva Braun had tough competition with Hitler’s girlfriend Geli Raubal

Eva Braun Facts

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Geli Raubal is known to be the woman Hitler had loved most, and interestingly, she was his niece. When Hitler started seeing Eva Braun he was already living with Geli, who did not love Hitler as much as he did. One fine day, when Geli announced that she was going to Vienna to marry another man, the two fought bitterly and the next day, the girl was found dead. It was believed that she shot herself. So Eva had some tough competition initially. All throughout his life, Hitler dated eight women and all of them attempted to have committed suicide at least once in their lifetime; that was the impact he had on them.

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5. Eva Braun was continuously cheated upon

Eva Braun Facts

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Though her love for Hitler was relentless, he cheated on her rampantly. He dated 6 to 7 women, while he was with Eva. The most notable affair was with Renate Muller who was a German actress. Eva knew all along about this affair but kept mum. Later, it was reported that Renate took her life by jumping down a window.

6. She probably had more impact on Hitler than what historians believe

Eva Braun

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One of the most interesting Eva Braun facts is that she played a very crucial role in Hitler’s social life. She was not just another mistress; in fact, her strong loyalty towards Adolf Hitler won her a very strong place in his inner circle. People tried to gain her favors in order to meet Hitler. In fact, the buzz was that people disliked by Eva were not even allowed in their home! She was not very connected to his political life, but certainly had a strong grip on his social life.

7. Eva tried to kill herself by overdosing on pills

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Let’s get this straight, Eva loved Hitler and was loyal to him regardless of anything. She attempted suicide in the year 1935 and consumed 35 pills because Hitler hadn’t called her for 3 months. This second attempt to end her life helped her get a big villa from Hitler. A year later she was living with him, in his villa on the Bavarian Alps.