The 15 startling facts about Alexander The Great will make you understand why he is, till this very day, addressed as the greatest conqueror of all times. The legacy of Alexander still lives on in our hearts and this great man has always found mention in the books of history ever since we broadened our horizons to the bygone past. Born to Macedon’s King Philip II and Queen Olympia, Alexander won many a battles without being defeated even once. He captured a vast territory of earth and succeeded the throne when he was merely 20 years of age. Let’s just read about these surprising facts and know this conqueror a bit more than we usually do.

1. Alexander The Great never lost a battle in his journey of conquests

Alexander The Great

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Alexander was an undisputed warrior who never lost one battle in a career spanning 15 years. Though, he faced many a hurdles and strong enemies, yet, there wasn’t a single soul who could defeat him on the war grounds. He had a unique military tactical knowledge which he put to use to win battles. He won his first war at the age of 18 and fought under King Philip II’s command. In these 15 years, Alexander conquered the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean.

2. Alexander The Great became an emperor at the age of 20

Alexander The Great

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Alexander’s accession to the throne at age 20 makes everyone believe in his legacy. But, how could a boy as young as 20 become a great warrior of all times? Alexander was bestowed with a unique sense of militia know how, courage only possessed by a fierce lion, and a never ending lust for conquering uncharted territories. He took over the throne from his father King Philip II of Macedon when the latter was assassinated by Pausanias. The assassination took place at the wedding ceremony of Alexander’s sister Cleopatra in 336 BC at Aegae. Immediately after Philip’s death, Alexander was betrothed to the throne as the new king.

3. Mysterious death of Alexander The Great

Facts About Alexander The Great

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Till this date, no historian or archaeologist has been able to confidently say as to what caused Alexander’s death. Some say that he died of malaria, while other stories hint towards a political murder. However, most historians believe that Alexander died of high fever that resulted from a night’s indulgence in alcohol. In 323 BC, Alexander returned to Baghdad and partied with his close friend all night. Midway, the warrior started feeling sick and retired to bed with high fever. After almost nine days of suffering, he died.

4. Alexander The Great defeated the Persian King Darius III in three mighty battles

Facts About Alexander The Great

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There are many facts about Alexander The Great that testify his immense courage and extreme fierceness. One of these being the fact that he defeated the Persian Emperor Darius III in the three successive battles that ensued between him and the Persian king. All the three battles were monumental with the Persian king’s army being one of the world’s largest. With a shrewd military tactical knowledge, Alexander was able to defeat Darius in the battle of Gaugamela.

5. Alexander The Great was a lover of Philosophy

Facts About Alexander The Great

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Alexander was a courageous general no doubt, but, many of you will be startled when we reveal a fact that he was an avid lover of philosophical pursuits too. He was taught by none other than Plato’s disciple Aristotle who tutored him about life and philosophy. He was impressed by an ascetic called Diogenes who made the warrior understand life from a deeper level. When Alexander conquered India, he was fascinated by the sermons and preaching of Indian monks and hermits. So much was the impact that the great general paused his conquest campaigns and spent time engaging in discussions with the sages.