We are about to present a kaleidoscope of 15 facts about Native Americans to enable our dear readers get to know these amazing tribes better. I have always been fascinated by the intriguing culture and traditions associated with native Americans, and have at last found a platform to show the world some really interesting Native Americans facts. Instead of covering the usual politicized stories about these people, I have tried bringing other cool facts that will make everyone really want to know the real Native Americans, just the way they are!

1. Native Americans believed in the theory of self reliance

Native Americans Facts

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The most interesting fact associated with the Native Americans was that these people were highly self reliant and independent. Both Native American men and women folk produced their own food, did agriculture single handedly using own hand made tools, and constructed houses from materials from the forest. Even the clothes they wore were tailored by themselves. The Native American people have always been independent and this is one of the reasons why they have rejected modern concepts about ways of living.

2. Coeur d’Alenes, the American Indians of the Great Plateau were skilled fishermen and traders

Native Americans Facts

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If you are not aware, let us bring it to your notice that Coeur d’Alenes, a Native American tribe belonging to the Great Plateau were skilled fishermen and traders. The name Coeur d’Alenes translates to mean discovered people. This tribe is known to have possessed extra ordinary knowledge about water and were skilled fishermen who contributed to Idaho’s economy as well. These people run several business and are master tradesmen too. The Coeur d’Alenes are one of the five tribes to have been attributed recognition from Idaho government.

3. Native Americans volunteered to fight in World War II freely

History Of Native Americans

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Here is one very interesting fact related with the history of Native Americans. These free spirited and courageous people freely displayed their full support to fight in World War II. While, for most American guys, the government would direct them to join the forces, the native Americans enlisted their names rather freely and wholeheartedly. According to some historians, these natives would stand in bad weather just to sign their draft cards. The Native Americans were always ready to defend their country and even took their own rifles in the battle zone.

4. Native Americans invented creative hairstyles

History Of Native Americans

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The typical Hollywood movies have always stereotyped the way Native Americans look and dress themselves. But, you will be amazed that the Native American women are actually trendsetters as far as hair dressing is concerned. The women folk since centuries have invented lots of creative hairstyles, the example of which you can see below. Its not just the usually shown long hair with feathers and beads that these women wore, but a plethora of buns and braids that they invented.

5. Native Americans developed anesthetics using medicinal plants

History Of Native Americans

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One of the most fascinating facts about Native Americans is these folks were skilled at using anesthetics much before it was invented by the Europeans. The natives including all the tribes were first to make use of anesthetics in treating war wounds and injuries. In the happening of some unfortunate accident or surgery, the native American doctor or voodoo man would make use of medicinal plants and use it to desensitize the affected part of the body. Once the wound was desensitized, then only the doctor would proceed further with the operation. The plants used for this purpose were peyote and coca. This practice was in use much before the advent of the 19th century.