28. The buried city was looted

 Pompeii Volcano Eruption

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Once the tragedy stuck Pompeii, and devoured everyone in its path, time seemed to stand still. There were no attempts to reoccupy the city, though studies suggest that it was visited by looters who returned to take away many of the riches from underground.

29. The excavation of intact buildings during the second discovery

Pompeii Facts

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Pompeii was rediscovered by Fontana for the first time after which it was rediscovered again by Rocque Joaquin de Alcubierre, an engineer of the Spanish Military in 1748. So, the time taken for the second rediscovery was 150 years and during this time many buildings and objects were unearthed.

30. Well preserved objects at Pompeii

Pompeii Facts

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The objects unearthed or excavated at Pompeii are well preserved due to the absence of air and moisture in the thick layers of pumice and ash that buried the whole city. Thousands of well preserved artifacts have been found that are in good condition and offer an insight into the lives of the ancient Romans.

31. Excavation of 25 brothels

Pompeii Facts

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We all know how liberal minded the ancient Pompeiians were, thanks to the many erotic themed artifacts and paintings excavated at the site. During excavations, a total number of 25 buildings were found that were brothels. Among the 25 is the one building known as Lupanare that is pretty big and quite organized.

32. Pompeii received eruption warning

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Not many of us know that before being devastated by the eruption from Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii had received a warning. It was in 62 AD that the city located in the Campania region was stuck by an earthquake that damaged it. The people had no clue as to what a volcano was, but we-the modern day humans know the reason why it happened. The earthquake was the direct result of the movement of magma under Vesuvius. Prior to 62 AD, Pompeii had witnessed several other minor earthquakes before being hit by the tragedy of 79 AD.

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33. The horrific aftermath of the eruption

Pompeii Volcano Eruption

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The eruption caused the deaths of thousands of people and livestock and also resulted in the damage of many artworks and buildings. The expulsion of thick ash and molten rock kept covering the city and its inhabitants for the next two days, during which many buildings fell. The eruption also caused tremors that must have been felt by the citizens of Pompeii.

With this, we come to the end of this fascinating post and hope these 33 facts about Pompeii have unlocked many a mysteries associated with the tragedy.