Earlier, we wrote about famous Greek gods that astounded us with their heroics, but today it’s the turn of the 15 famous Greek goddesses in ancient Greece that were equally worshiped and were attributed with unique symbols and powers. When we think about Greek gods, the names of Zeus, Poseidon and Apollo come instantly in our minds. These gods were all residents in the heavenly realms (barring a few) just like the below mentioned Femme Fatales as we would like to address them! Each one of these goddesses had a specific role to play and could control certain aspects of human life which made them a powerful and divine force that drove humans to worship them equally like they would do for the gods. Here comes this exhaustive and entertaining list of Greek goddesses we think you must know about! Enjoy…

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1. Athena

List Of Greek Goddesses

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Featuring at number one spot here is the goddess Athena who was worshiped as the goddess of reasoning and wisdom. She enjoyed a vast popularity much like her male counterparts like Zeus and Poseidon, and was revered for her intellect. The legend of her birth is very intriguing to know as Athena wasn’t born the usual way – from the womb of her mother. Instead she came out of Zeus’s head, not in the form of a baby, but in the form of a fully grown woman wearing armor. She was also known as the goddess of war but she was a calm goddess who believed in restoring peace everywhere. Zeus loved her the most among his other children and only Athena could use his famous weapon – the thunderbolt whenever she needed to use it. Such was her popularity with the human world that a city was named in her honour. It was Athens.

2. Artemis

List Of Greek Goddesses

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The Greeks worshiped Artemis as the goddess of natural environment as well as hunt. She was the offspring of Leto and Zeus and God Apollo’s twin sister who excelled at the skill of archery. Artemis was also a gifted huntress. This Greek goddess is also regarded as the guardian that assists in safe labour and child birth. This is because of a popular legend associated with her. According to legend and folklore, Artemis, when she took birth from Leto’s womb helped her to give birth to her brother Apollo while she herself was just a new born baby. A virgin goddess, Artemis never entered any relationship with any mortal or god and remained single for the rest of her life. This led to her getting worshiped as the goddess of virginity as well.

3. Nemesis

List Of Greek Goddesses

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The goddess of retribution, Nemesis was a highly revered goddess in ancient Greece. Her sole duty was to offer punishment on such souls that committed crimes or evil deeds or collected huge fortunes by inflicting pain on others. Nemesis saw to it that balance was maintained in the human world where there is no extravagance of anything, either happiness or misery or sorrow. The goddess was known to be remorseless when meting out punishment to those that had committed an act of arrogance against the gods. As per legend, there is a temple built to honour her in Attica. There are many folklore’s associated with the Nemesis and are pretty interesting to read. As per one legend, an egg created by Nemesis hatched to bear two pairs of twins, one set bearing Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra, the other Dioscuri. She was also worshiped by other names like Adrasteia and Rhamnousia.

4. Aphrodite

Greek Goddess Of Love

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The Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite was one of the most popular goddesses of ancient Greek mythology and was perhaps the most beautiful of all. She was not only considered an epitome of beauty but was also worshiped as the divine deity of love and desire. Her aura was so powerful and charismatic that even gods couldn’t resist her. This goddess had the power to infuse love and passion in beasts and birds too. Born to Zeus, Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus, the divine craftsman of the gods in a bid to prevent any unnecessary tension among the gods that her beauty would create and cause rifts. Though she was married, she had her fill at love affairs by engaging in a love affair with Ares, the God of War.

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5. Hera

List Of Greek Goddesses

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The Goddess of marriage and birth, Hera was Zeus’s wife and the queen of all Olympian Gods. She was a divine power who swore to protect married women and punished those who committed adultery. Her own husband, God Zeus was rumoured to have been involved in countless adulterous affairs which she loathed and took to extremes when she came to know of his love interests. Her viciousness for the Zeus’s love interests were beyond normal as she would go to any length to punish them. This queen of gods was so tormented from Zeus’s ever cheating episodes that she took out her vengeance against the children of the love interests.