Winning the Nobel Prize is the world’s biggest honor. Not only is one appreciated for all the hard work they put in, but their names are etched in history. The winners or the laureates are the best and the first representatives of humanity. It is a fact that Nobel Prize winners, without a shadow of doubt, are a gift to mankind. Here is a list of Nobel Prize winners, who are indeed the best specimen of humanity amongst us.

1. Albert Einstein

First Nobel Prize Winner

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Albert Einstein was given the award in the year 1921, in the field of physics. His discovery of the cause of photoelectric effect led him to his victory. In his research he explains, when the atom is bombarded with light, it emits electron; he explained that light is divided into various packets of electrons. This theory led to many important and revolutionary inventions later. He was an absolute genius, and his name in the Nobel Prize winners list comes as no surprise.

2. Marie Curie

First Nobel Prize Winner

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The first Nobel Prize winner was Marie Curie. She has two Nobel Prizes to her name and is one of the two people who have won both awards in different fields, so she was a pioneer. She received her first award in the year 1903, in the field of physics, when she along with her husband Pierre and Henry Becquerel were awarded. Later she herself received an award in the year 1911, this time in the field of chemistry. She discovered radium and polonium, plus she studied, investigated and researched their properties. Many members of her family have been awarded the Nobel Prize, including her daughter and son-in-law. Being the first Nobel Prize winner, she indeed set the benchmark for the others.

3. Alexander Fleming

First Nobel Prize Winner

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The third name in the list of Nobel Prize winners is Alexander Fleming, a rather popular name. Most of us have read about his discovery of penicillin and its use as an antibiotic. This particular discovery led Alexander Fleming and Ernst Chain along with Howard Florey to win the Nobel Prize in 1945, in the field of medicine or physiology. The discovery of penicillin was the reason behind cures of diseases like diphtheria, meningitis, syphilis, scarlet fever, pneumonia and much more.

4. Martin Luther King Junior

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Martin Luther King happens to be the youngest person to be awarded the Nobel peace prize. He was all of 35 when he was awarded the Peace Prize in 1964. He spent his entire life struggling to put an end to racial discrimination in the United States of America. He was the leader of the civil rights movement and his unending work in the field of humanity is an inspiration for many.

5. Hermann Muller

List Of Nobel Prize Winners

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The next name in this list of Nobel Prize winners is Herman Muller; he was an American biologist. Muller was awarded in the year 1946, in the field of physiology or medicine. He discovered that radiation could cause mutations in the human body. After years of studying X-rays, he concluded that exposure to radiation could lead to lethal mutations in a person, and his efforts were recognized by the Nobel Committee.

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6. Paul Sartre

List Of Nobel Prize Winners

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Jean Paul has been one of the most notable figures of French philosophy in the 20th century. He was given the award in the field of literature in the year 1962, which he refused as he was not in favor of official distinctions and never wanted to be institutionalized. His work was noted for his rich ideas filled with freedom spirit and true ideologies that left a great influence on society.

7. Werner Heisenberg

List Of Nobel Prize Winners

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He is one of the less famous Nobel Prize winners. He won the award in the field of physics in the year 1932. He was the man behind the underlying principles of quantum mechanics. His research changed the way we look at things; he explained the rules that govern subatomic particles of matter.

8. Watson, Crick, and Wilkins

List Of Nobel Prize Winners

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James Watson, Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins received the Nobel Prize in the year 1962, in the field of Medicine. Crick and Watson explained the shape of a DNA and the double helix structure. It was Wilkins who supported this research by showing the earliest evidence to back this study.