The Roman Empire has been ruled by many Roman emperors and empresses. Rome has been one of the oldest civilizations in the world and has seen a number of rulers. Most of the Roman rulers later went on to become extremely famous globally, because of Rome’s rich history, culture and developments during the ancient times. The following is a list of Roman emperors and their accomplishments during their regime.

1. Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar

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Popularly known as Julius Caesar, he is perhaps one of the most well-known Roman Emperors. He was a sole dictator of the Roman Republic and his tenure in office was from October 49 BC to March 44 BC. Caesar played a huge role in the downfall of the Roman republic which later led to the rise of the Roman Empire. In the year 44 BC, on the Ides of March Julius Caesar was assassinated by his 7 of the senators. Caesar’s life has been adapted by many writers including William Shakespeare.

2. Emperor Augustus

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Born as Gaius Octavius, he was the first ever ruler of the Roman Empire. He succeeded his adoptive father and great-uncle Julius Caesar and was the emperor of Rome for more than 40 years. Octavius is known to have made many reforms in the empire. He improved road structures, taxation systems and established a very strong Roman army. He died at the age of 75 in the year AD 14. The causes of his death are unknown, while some believe he had a natural death, others say his wife Livia poisoned him.

3. Emperor Tiberius

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Tiberius was the emperor of Rome for over 22 years. He is known to be one of the greatest generals early Rome ever had. He laid the foundation of the Northern Frontier of Rome by his conquests in Dalmatia, Pannonia, Germania and Raetia. He had a gloomy personality and many say that he never desired to be an emperor. On 15th March AD 37, Tiberius died, when he was 78 years old.

4. Emperor Nero

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After the death of Emperor Claudius, his adopted son Emperor Nero came into power. Nero was known to kill his mother, by making her boat sink. The emperor, later on, went on to kill his first wife Octavia as well. Octavia was unable to give him an heir and that was a reason good enough for him to accuse her of adultery and get her killed. Nero was definitely not the best ruler Rome had, he was narcissistic and wanted to build a “Golden Palace” for himself, which led to economic strains in the empire. That apart, The Great Fire of Rome broke out during his regime leading to massive destruction. Nero committed suicide after his support began to crumble and the senate declared him to be a public enemy.

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5. Emperor Hadrian

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He ruled the Roman Empire for almost 21 years from 117 to 138 AD. Hadrian had marked the northern limit of Britannia by building The Hadrian’s wall for which he is famous for. He also strengthened the military and was keen on making Athens the cultural capital of the empire, because he happened to be an ardent lover of Greece. He died at the age of 62 in the year 138 AD.