Scary…spooky…blood chilling and hair raising – Well yeah…these 15 haunted places in the world have just the required amount of punch to give you the creepiest feeling of your life! Haunted places have always been a popular topic for children’s night stories and we have all grown up hearing scary tales of ghosts and spirits from our grandparents. Some stories are really blood chilling and some can just not be digested by our puny little stomachs. But, the truth is that we all enjoy listening to these hair raising stories, and today, we are offering you a spooky chance to relive those precious moments from your childhood. Let’s brief you about the top haunted places, the stories of which would give a shocking jolt that you all will love. SO LET’S GET SPOOKED!

1. Monte Cristo Homestead – New South Wales, Australia

Most Haunted Places

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Australia’s most haunted place’s trophy for sure has to be awarded to Monte Cristo Homestead in Junee as its history is marked with multiple deaths that occurred while the home was resided by the Crawley Family. Monte Cristo was built in 1885 and from the time the family moved in, deaths of people started happening due to unknown reasons. A maid of the family fell to her death from the balcony, while a young child died from falling down the stairs. Another account mentions about a stable boy who too met his end when he died from burns while still working. Apart from these tragic events, there were others like the death of a man called Harold who was found chained up next to his mother’s dead body. The mentally ill Harold was sent to a mental asylum where he died soon. The property is said to be a dwelling place for all the unsatisfied souls that died from unnatural causes.

2. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Most Haunted Places

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As soon as you arrive at Bhangarh Fort or Kila, your hair just raises and gives you ample goosebumps for the day. Yes, for those that are not aware, lets’ simply put it this way – Bhangarh is India’s most haunted place and probably can give competition to the rest as the facade itself is sufficient to freak anyone. The kila comes on the way when you drive towards Alwar and further on towards Jaipur. According to legend, the residents of the fort or palace were cursed upon by a sorcerer who practiced black magic. The curse that he put on them was that everyone living inside the palace would meet an unnatural death and after they pass away, their souls will never achieve moksha. Instead their spirits will haunt the nooks and corners of the fort for many eternities. One thing very peculiar about this fort is the absence of any house in the close proximity of this fort. For obvious reasons, no tourist is allowed to spend the night at the fort as no one that has entered it in the night has ever come out alive. Also, the village close to it has houses without roofs as its a legend that the moment a roof is built, the house will collapse and kill the residents.

3. Highgate Cemetery – North London, England

Most Haunted Places

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With a horror filled environment that offers you a blood chilling experience just the same way as a cult Alfred Hitchcock’s spooky flick would, England’s Highgate Cemetery is one of the most haunted places on the planet. Being here is quite similar to watching a blood curdling movie…but in reality! The real jolt comes when you arrive at the cemetery just when sun is about to set and the horizon seems to transform into crimson, giving you loads of chances to make a dash for life. The cemetery is dotted with dense lushness, grass pavements and statues, most of which have no heads. To top it up, the cemetery’s Gothic styled architecture also adds up to the ‘spookometer’! Its a location most loved by ghost hunters.

4. Poveglia Island, Italy

Most Haunted Places

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An abandoned island nestled in a lagoon between Venice and Lido, Poveglia is definitely a place of haunting. The island has remained uninhabited since 14th century and was also a colony for containing the residents that fell prey to the Bubonic Plague outbreak. Poveglia witnessed the burning of hundreds of dead bodies, and thereafter, it was used as a mental asylum. The stories that people tell of the asylum are quite similar in tone as that of horror inspired Hollywood movies as there are murky details that hint at many gory things that happened here. It was used not only for treating mentally sick but also to carry out procedures on patients by inflicting pain. Its not merely the patients that were killed here, even doctors too were either murdered or committed suicides. Till date, the building is said to be haunted by several hundred spirits and one can also hear soft voices and sudden screams from and near the building. Some people have also experienced capturing ghost shadows while the fishing community doesn’t set its foot on this island for fear of being cursed.

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5. Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland

Most Haunted Places

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Its not just USA but Scotland too that boasts of some of the most haunted places in the world. One such spooky site is Edinburgh Castle where its a regular thing to witness dark shadows looming around the corners of the fort, unusual temperature drops and sudden dense mists coupled with emotions of despair and sadness. The castle was built during the Iron Age and witnessed hundreds of gory battles and killings. It has become a tourist attraction specially because of its ghosts and spirits that are believed to haunt it. Some people visiting it have reported sightings of an old man with an apron while others have seen a headless drummer boy. For those seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush, this castle definitely has to be visited!