Do you know about the history of sex toys? It may come as a shocker that some of modern time’s sex toys are not that modern. In fact they have ancient origins! Our ancestors surely knew how to pleasure themselves and boy…they were good. Really! Since, most of you may not have read much about the historical origin of erotic toys, we thought about doing a post for you all. This will enlighten you about 13 types of sexual toys, some of which were in use in ancient times, some in the 1800’s while some dating back to the golden 30’s and 40’s. Surprised? Well, even we are as we write this post! Go ahead and read it!

1. Butt Plugs, 1892

Sex Toys History

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Some people may not consider butt plugs to arouse the erotic zones of the body, but the fact remains that the butt plug is a sex toy…period! The mention of butt plugs may have been made in erotic thrillers and novels, but as of now, remain banned. The man who conceptualized such a device was Frank E. Young in 1892. He developed it back then but it was marketed only at the start of the 20th century. He called it rectal dilator and was founded for curing disorders of the anal area like piles. But, when the advertisements first appeared in the journals, it was found that the plugs were used for pleasuring purposes as well…ahem!!

2. Lube, Ancient Greece

Sex Toys History

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The lube is an artificial lubricant that’s most utilized for softening the crevices like anus that is naturally dry. Most often lubes are applied on the rectum before one has sex for lubricating the walls and enabling deeper and painless penetration. But, do you know who invented the lube? Believe it or not…the ancient Greeks can be credited for developing it and were light years ahead than modern humans as they used it liberally. It came into existence by 350 BC. Since olive oil was the most popular choice back in ancient Greece, it was used as a lube on the orifices for sexual pleasure.

3. Condoms, Around 1560

Sex Through History

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It may come as a huge surprise to many of us who think that condoms are a new age invention. The truth is that these were used much before than the 1800’s, 1700’s and 1600’s. There are many records available that go on to prove that the first possible use of a condom was made in 1564 – the medieval times! It was during these dark times that people fell victims to several kinds of dangerous diseases, one among them being the life threatening syphilis. This sexually transmitted disease spread like an epidemic during those times, and so to counter the fear of falling prey to it, condom was invented by Gabriele Falloppio. His version of condom was made of a piece of linen that would be soaked in special types of chemicals and then will be left for drying. Such a great invention was this that it helped save hundreds of volunteers from catching the disease after having sex. How? Well, all of these volunteers wore the condoms. This great inventor was honored by naming a female reproductive organ after him.

4. Blow-up Dolls, 1904

Sex Through History

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The concept of using blow up dolls was first invented by the French sailors in the 17th century to satiate their sexual desires when sailing on the rough seas. According to some reliable sources, the sailors came out with a collection of rag dolls that seem to resemble anything except for a woman…but served the purpose to the fullest! These dolls were made out of used and old rags and sailors would use it to arouse themselves and ejaculate their cum, imagining the dolls to be well endowed sirens. However, the refined version of the blow up doll was invented only in 1904 when vulcanized rubber came into existence. The man who can be credited with inventing this sexual toy was a certain Dr. P who devised these inflatable dolls. His name is mentioned in an account written by an alchemist Rene Schwaeble who met the doctor at some point. With the passage of time and advancement of science, blow up dolls began to be manufactured widely in Europe.

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5. The Penis Ring, A.D 1200

Sex Toys History

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The Chinese were a horny lot and used a large number of sex toys. The history of sex toys in ancient China speaks of one particular erotic toy…Go on and read it!! Quite a bizarre type of sexual toy, the penis ring was in use in ancient China, not by common men but by men of higher ranks and nobility. The ancient Chinese kings and nobles had a huge collection of women called concubines who were like escorts to these men. In addition, the nobles also had the main wife and a hoard of mistresses that they had to satisfy each night. However, as a custom and tradition, producing an heir to the throne was of vital importance back in those ancient times. And, if a king was unable to produce an heir, he would lose his throne to someone else in the race. So, the sexual healers and doctors in those times, or more specifically around AD 1200 devised penis or cock rings that the man could wear for achieving sexual orgasms and everlasting hardness. These cock rings were made from goats eyelids and had eyelashes on them when worn. This may have felt a little eerie to have to perform such an intimate act with someone’s lashes staring down your tool!