Here are the top 15 Aristotle facts if you want to know this great Greek philosopher better. We all know that Aristotle was one among the most influential and popular personalities in the ancient world. He was a genius who mastered not merely science but also other fields like poetry, theater, music and politics.

He helped a great deal in changing man’s thinking, which in ancient times bordered more on superstition and blind faith, to logical understanding. We, the present day humanity owe tremendously to Aristotle.

1. Aristotle’s birth

Aristotle Biography

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This great genius was born in 384 BC at a place called Stagira. He belonged to a noble family. His father was the personal physician during the reign of King Amyntus III and his name was Nicomachus. He had an elder sister named Arimneste who was already married when Aristotle’s parents died and took care of the young child along with her husband Proxenus. These two people took care of Aristotle through his entire childhood as his guardians.

2. Aristotle’s early education

Aristotle Biography

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Aristotle, till he became 17, remained with his guardians. Thereafter, he joined an academy owned and run by Plato, the great philosopher. The academy was located in Athens where Aristotle got educated in all spheres till the age of 37. He stayed in the city for almost 20 years. The reason why he left the academy was Plato’s death. Soon after Plato died, his nephew Speusippus took charge of the institution which displeased Aristotle.

3. Aristotle’s family

Aristotle Biography

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Aristotle biography often mentions about his family which let’s us to know this great personality in a better way. Like its mentioned everywhere, Aristotle took birth in a noble family. His father was employed as King Amyntas’s personal physician in the court of Macedon. Both his parents passed away when he was a child.

4. Aristotle’s writings

Aristotle Biography

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This master philosopher and scientist composed several hundred works totaling to 200. But its only 31 of his phenomenal writings that have seen the light of the day in present times. He conducted many investigations in the fields of physics, animals and cosmology and recorded them in the form of notes and manuscripts. He also compiled books which dealt with subjects relating to society, people and the political upheavals of the ancient times. Moreover, Aristotle is also famous for his poetic works that are simply exemplary.

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5. Aristotle’s discoveries

Aristotle Facts

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Here are some interesting Aristotle facts relating to his many discoveries that helped change the facade of this world. This philosopher cum scientist discovered some exceptional things but not all of them were 100 percent accurate and precise. Yes, there is one such instance where his finding wasn’t correct at all. According to him, a human body’s center of intelligence was the heart. Whereas, its the brain that controls the nervous system and the organs. Another weird finding was associated with the goat’s gender. He believed that the direction of the flowing wind decided the sex of the kid.