6. His father died before he was born

Isaac Newton Biography

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As per sources, Newton’s father died 3 months prior to his birth, this really disrupted his family’s economic status and his mother could barely make ends meet. It is because of his stepfather that Newton could join Trinity College or else they couldn’t have afforded the expenses with regards to his education.

7. He was a premature baby

Isaac Newton Biography

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According to historians Newton was a rather small and underweight baby. No one expected he would survive; he was so small that he could easily fit into a quart mug according to his mother. He was a premature baby, and there were many complications around his birth, however, he was a fighter and he survived.

8. The apple never fell on Newton’s head

Isaac Newton Inventions

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One of the greatest Isaac Newton Inventions or rather discovery has been universal gravitation and the law of motion. As per popular belief, it is said that an apple landed on his head. However it wasn’t true, he saw an apple falling but it did not fall on his head. He believed that the force which makes an apple fall on the ground is the force behind the movements of the moon.

9. Newton was a politician

Isaac Newton Inventions

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Not many people know about this fact, but Sir Isaac Newton was a Politician. He served as a member of parliament for an entire year, but throughout his tenure at the parliament, he spoke only once. He asked someone to close a drafty window and that was it.

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10. He knew Hebrew

Isaac Newton Inventions

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Sir Isaac Newton had an obsession with the Bible. He was a religious man, but he looked at the bible with a scientific approach and thus tried to understand its writings. In his quest to understand the Bible thoroughly, the man learnt Hebrew. Yes, it is a known fact, that he was well versed in Hebrew and all that because he wanted to understand the in depth meaning of the bible. He did not believe in Satan, and wrote many theses against the Holy Trinity. He was aware that a lot of his theories were very futuristic, and therefore wouldn’t be accepted during his time. He was very secretive and majority of his research did not surface till his death. His words “He who thinks half-heartedly will not believe in God; but he who really thinks has to believe in God,” explain that he was a religious and god fearing person. He spent a lot more time on his Biblical research as compared to his scientific research.