Leonardo Da Vinci is a world renowned painter and sculptor. He hailed from Italy and is popularly known for his painting, the Mona Lisa which has been put on display in some of the most prominent museums across the globe. Mostly described as the best painter ever in the world, a lot of his paintings were lost during the time of war and very few of his original works have been preserved. Born on 15th April in the year 1452 in Anchiano, Italy, Da Vinci had interest in mathematics, science and music. Da Vinci used to write with one hand and paint from the other, which makes him an absolute prodigy. The surprising fact is that co-incidentally he was named after Da Vinci who also happens to be a very famous painter. Some Leonardo Da Vinci artwork has been mentioned as follows:

1. Portrait of Ginevra de’ Benci (1474-1476)

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This is the only painting by Leonardo in the United State by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is kept in the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. Unlike other paintings by him, the woman in this painting is disdainful, arrogant and haughty. Her eyes are drawn in such a way that she looks sullen and withdrawn.

2. The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne (1510)

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This painting is now located in Paris, and is owned by the Musee Du Louvre. It is a very beautiful painting which measures 168X130 cm. It is oil on wood and has exquisite color scheme and the kind of detailing which only Da Vinci could do.

3. Lady with an Ermine (1489-1490)

Leonardo Da Vinci

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Cecilia Gallerina has been identified as the muse of this painting. This painting happens to be one of his most important paintings. This painting was probably made by Da Vinci when he was at the service of Duke of Milan, Lodoviko Sfrorza and Ceceilia Gallerina was the Duke’s mistress.

4. Virgin of the Rocks (1483-1486)

Leonardo Da Vinci

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There are two versions of this painting. One is in the national Gallery and the other one is in Louvre, both of which are in Paris. The painting depicts Christ Child, the Madonna and infant John the Baptist with an angel. The background is a rocky setting, hence the name of the painting. The right hand of the angel and the gazes are the significant differences between the two paintings. It is one of the most popular paintings By Leonardo Da Vinci.

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5. St. John the Baptist (1513-1516)

Leonardo Da Vinci Artwork

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This is an oil painting in walnut wood and is perhaps the last ever painting made by Leonardo Da Vinci. He took almost 3 years to complete this painting, and its original size was 69x57cm. This painting can currently be seen at Musee Du Louvre in Paris.