Though there are numerous ways in which a man can die, here we have highlighted 15 bizarre deaths that take death stories to an all new level. Many historical leaders, kings, queens and commoners met their final destination in a rather unusual and mysterious manner. The following is a list of curious and unusual deaths which took place in the ancient eras.

1. Draco was smothered by coats

Unusual Deaths

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Unusual deaths were not uncommon in ancient Greece. In the ancient times, it was a common custom to throw coats and shirts at a leader to show respect. Little did Draco know that this customary gesture of love and kindness, would lead to his death. Draco was the one who had written the first set of laws which were used to govern the people of Greece in the 7th century. Back in 590 BCE, the Grecian authorities had set up a celebration to commemorate Draco for his contributions to the society. This celebration proved to be fatal for the man himself. Since the audience started throwing hundreds of shirts and coats at him, the pile grew larger and larger and unfortunately Draco died due to suffocation after being smothered by those coats.

2. Phalaris was roasted in his own torture device

Unusual Deaths

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Phalaris was one of the meanest rulers to be ever born in Sicily. It was said that he ate babies, and killed all those who happened to cross him. The man was a ruler in the 6th century BC and he used one of the worst modes of punishments to grant his nemesis unusual deaths. He got his enemies locked in a bull shaped bronze container and started a fire underneath which led to roasting of the individual inside. After a long rule of 16 years, Phalaris was overthrown by rebels and the same method was used to kill this sadist ruler.

3. Emperor Valerian drank molten gold

Curious And Unusual Deaths

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Emperor Valerian was a Roman Emperor who ruled from 253 to 260 CE. His powers were overthrown by the Persian forces and he was taken captive in war, in the year 260 CE after which he met with one of the most bizarre deaths of his time. The man lived many years in captivity, before death befell him. A common rumor which surrounds his death is that Persian ruler Shapur poured molten gold down his throat, which needless to say killed the man. Once he died, Valerian’s body was stuffed with straw and was later displayed as a trophy.

4. Gyorgy Dozsa was eaten by his friends

Curious And Unusual Deaths

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Here is yet another curious and unusual deaths in history that sends shivers down one’s spine. Not a king, but popular leader of the peasant revolt during the 16th century in Hungary, Gyorgy Dosza was captured by the Hungarian officials. Later the man was asked to sit on a hot iron throne and was made to wear a heavy crown made of iron. Hot pliers were inserted inside Gyorgy’s body and flesh was drawn out. The Hungarian officials later forced Gyorgy’s fellow rebels to eat his flesh. It is said that those who obeyed the command were later released and weren’t punished.

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5. Heraclitus was eaten by dogs and buried in manure

Paranormal Deaths

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Heraclitus was a famous philosopher back in the 6th century. The man was a misanthrope, probably because he was suffering from dropsy. Dropsy is said to be a disease in which the limbs swell and the pain is almost unbearable. The man despised his fellow Ephesians so much that he decided to give up on society and wandered around the mountain. In order to cure his dropsy, one day he covered himself in cow manure thinking that it would help reduce the pain. There are two versions of his death, while some say he suffocated to death due to the heat of the manure, or, he was eaten up by hungry hounds while he was stuck inside the layers of manure. His was one of the most mysterious deaths in history.