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Babylonian Law Code

Code of Hammurabi Considered a Legal Innovation : 13 Facts of Babylonian Law Code

The Code of Hammurabi was compiled by King Hammurabi of ancient Babylon in 18th century B.C. It consisted of 282 set of laws governing every sphere of life and society in ancient Mesopotamia. These...
Peloponnesian War Summary

15 Adverse Facts About Peloponnesian War

The ancient Greek Peloponnesian War was fought between 431 to 401 BC. The war was fought by the Athenian empire against the Peloponnesian League, which was being led by Sparta. This war, which has...
Magna Carta History

13 Magna Carta Facts You Might Not Know

Magna Carta happens to be one of the most important documents in history. Signed by King John of England, it is believed that this document has been the basis of human rights, the American...
Babylonian Language

21 Babylonian Civilization Facts You Should Know

One of the most powerful and important cities of ancient Mesopotamia was Babylon, the city that was nestled in-between the two river systems of Tigris and Euphrates. The ancient civilization of Babylon is regarded...
Winston Churchill Books

15 Fascinating Winston Churchill Facts

Sir Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He was in power from 1940 to 1945 and was later re-elected and served the term from 1951 to 1955. He was a...
Valentines Day Facts

29 Surprising Facts About History Of Valentines Day

Do you know that Valentines Day - the day when people celebrate love, started not with cute cuddly teddies, fragrant red roses and chocolates, but, with blood and lots of gore? Yes dear readers...the...
Pharaoh Akhenaten

25 Akhenaten Facts That You Should Know

One of ancient Egypt's most controversial pharaohs, Akhenaten was also known as Amenhotep IV. Ancient Egypt was ruled by this heretic pharaoh for 17 long years and he belonged to the 18th Dynasty. The...
Female Killers

21 Most Dangerous Women Criminals The World Has Noticed Till Date

From being murderers, kidnappers, robbers, to drug gang queens, women have tried it all, and don't be surprised to find some of the world's deadliest beings to be women criminals. Unlike the notion that...
Blaise Pascal Facts

18 Blaise Pascal Inventions And Facts That You Should Know

The man who gave us the world's first mechanical calculator Pascaline - Blaise Pascal was a child prodigy, a great scientist, a philosopher, a prolific writer and a mathematician of French origin. From discovering...
Mesopotamia Inventions,

15 Mesopotamia Achievements and Inventions : What Did The Mesopotamians Invent

The name Mesopotamia, aka 'The land between the rivers' rings the name of several great leaders like Hammurabi, Ur-Nammu and Sargon of Akkad in our minds. These great personalities with their remarkable leadership paved...