Today’s post lists down the top 15 ancient Greek inventions that have revolutionized the modern world. There are infact more than just 15 Greek discoveries that we-the modern human world are still using. Apart from being bestowed with a beautiful beach line and innumerable planned cities, Greece is also the birth place of many inventions ranging from mathematics, modern science, medicine and weapons. Most of the things that this great civilization has invented are still very much in use, though may be in an improved version. Let’s shower light on these awesome inventions to know more.

1. The Olympic Games

Ancient Greek Inventions

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The Olympic Games took birth in ancient Greece and are considered to be a coveted sports event in modern world. The Olympics first started in 776 BC in Olympia, an ancient Greek city. The city played host to a varied number of sports every four years. The games were all dedicated to Greek gods, specially their supreme God-Zeus. The sports that were played included wrestling, long jump, javelin, short put, boxing and running. Initially the event was held for a whole day but later on, four days were made mandatory for playing in the Olympics. Modern Olympics sees over 165 nations competing and representing their countries.

2. The first anchor

Ancient Greek Inventions

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The discovery of the anchor can be considered as one among the most important ancient Greek inventions that we use even today. The shipping industry of modern times could not have reached its pinnacle had the Greeks not discovered the anchor. The person who can be credited with inventing the anchor is Eupalamas who used wood to make it. However, the first metallic anchor was invented by Anacharsis in 592 B.C. Before the anchor was invented, the ancient ships had to be tied with a heavy thing like a stone to keep them floating.

3. Water mill

Ancient Greek Inventions

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Another big contribution of the Greeks is the water mill that revolutionized the agriculture field and milling. With the birth of this amazing tool, ancient Greeks could use products like ground wheat, beaten rice and pulses. These food products became an essential part of people’s diets. The water mill can trace its origins to a 3rd century tool called the Perachora wheel. This wheel was used and was invented in ancient Greece. In modern times too, we use the water mill in villages for grinding purposes.

4. Maps

What did the Greeks Invent

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One of the most important Greek inventions to be in rampant use in today’s times is the practice of reading maps for various purposes. Yes, it were the Greeks that invented cartography. The ancient Greeks used maps for navigation as well as traveling. Though, some evidences hint towards a Babylonian influence, but, the actual use of maps germinated in the minds of Greeks. The first world map was created by Anaximander sometime between 611 to 210 BCE. With this invention, people could make enormous contributions to geography.

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5. Medicine

What did the Greeks Invent

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We wouldn’t know modern medicine today if it were not for the Greeks that took measures to make humongous inventions in this field. Before the Greeks invented medicine, it was a common thinking among ancient people that diseases were not something that could be treated as these were punishments given by different gods to sinners. The concept of medicine was non existent till Hippocrates, a physician came out with various theories relating to diseases and their treatments. He developed the Hippocrates Oath that was an ethical document governing the code of conduct by doctors.