Man is an inquisitive and curious animal. We all like to know everything, we like to solve puzzles and mysteries, and what we cannot solve intrigues us even further. The history of mankind looms around many unsolved mysteries which sometimes can give us the chills. There are some historical mysteries which no matter what haven’t been decoded. The following is a list of 15 historical mysteries that are unsolved.

1. Jack the ripper

Ancient Mysteries

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Even after 126 years, the mystery of Jack the Ripper continues to haunt us. Back in 1888, in Eastern London at least 5 women were murdered and their bodies were found mutilated. The serial killer behind this heinous crime was Jack the Ripper, well, that is what he addressed himself with when he wrote letters to the police mocking them at their efforts. Different theorists have come up with various conclusions, one of them even calling Jack a woman. In fact, it is not sure that the letters written by the Ripper were actually penned down by him or not. Even after a century of this serial killing act, Jack the Ripper could not be found, and the reason behind his crime wasn’t deciphered.

2. Atlantis: the lost city

Ancient Mysteries

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One of the most popular ancient mysteries is about Atlantis. Plato, the Greek philosopher often mentioned Atlantis in his writings. According to him Atlantis was one of the most developed civilizations; it was a beautiful place with nice warm people. Located near the rock of Gibraltar it had a canal, a temple and well designed walls. However, to this day the city of Atlantis remains undiscovered. Most explorers and historians are of the opinion that the city submerged into water after an earthquake or Tsunami, but it hasn’t been discovered on land or in water. While some say it is in South America, other say it should be near Greece.

3. Bog Bodies

Ancient Mysteries

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Bog bodies were found sporadically in Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Britain. These bodies were naturally preserved human corpses, which historian believe could date as back as the Iron Age. The internal organs of a person remained intact without getting decomposed, which is very surprising. Most of the bodies found appear to have been murdered, but the reason behind it is not yet found. Also, the process of keeping the body intact is yet to be deciphered. Some historians are of the opinion that the bodies found were either punished and killed or, were used as a form of sacrifice in the pagan world back then.

4. The ever-burning lamps inside the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs

Ancient Mysteries

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The mystery behind the eternally burning lamps inside the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs is yet to be solved. These extraordinary lamps have baffled scientists over the years. They have been burning since ancient times without being extinguished. It is believed that such lamps were placed inside tombs to guide the deceased, in their life after death. More than 170 medieval writers have mentioned these ever-burning lamps in their research work. However, the real reason behind these kind of ancient mysteries is still unknown.

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5. King Arthur

Historical Mysteries

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As per historians, the entire history of King Arthur is nothing but fabrication, in order to boost the morale of the Englishmen. There is no historical evidence of his existence, and historians debate that he is a fictitious character or he was a composite character based on the personality of Roman commander Lucius Artorius Castus.